Infant & Toddler Care:
Latanya's Little Hands recognizes that the Infant and toddler group is a diverse one, and that each child is different. We recognize and encourage these differences, while at the same time providing opportunities for the Infant/Toddler to enhance their development progress. Goals have to be constantly reassessed in terms of the current needs of the children in the classroom. Starting at 4 Weeks

Preschoolers :

Our preschool program cares for children that prepares them for school. The rooms are arranged into several interest centers to allow each child to freely choose from a variety of challenging and creative activities. There are large spaces for group activities as well as smaller areas for one-on-one interaction with the teacher.

School Ages:

School age children, attend Latanya's Little Hands before and after school, during school holidays, in-service days and in the summer. The children are involved in a variety of activities both indoors and outdoors. Quiet time, tutoring, reading or just relaxing after school is also an important part of youth care. Summers are adventure filled for the youth age children. Weekly outings to local attractions along with special visitors are activities that fill their day. The center provides special teacher-to-child and  kindergarten group attention thought our center with different activities that creates a positive learning environment  for the school-age group.

School Pick Up:
We offer pick to all school age children that will make your life easier with the comfort of know that your child is in good hands and is learning the most today and preparing for tomorrow.

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